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18th Jun 2017

Since On CoD:
i play CoD since 2010

Have Ts3:
and i had a TS3 but i dont longer use it but if it is necessary i can download it again

How many hours play at a day:
depends sometimes 3 hours sometimes more.

Why Survivors:
simply because it is decent.

BTW i am banned in your server because some admin thought that i use wallhack and if it is true can i get a demo at least

and thanks
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Forum » Forums » Recruit for Surv!voRx
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1) Dont use Hacks/FF&FR/Glitches or you will be kicked out!

2)Be respectfull with your members & leaders!

3)Act like an adult to other player ingame!

4)Ignore childish behavior from other players until its enough, then you can call us / the leaders!

5)It's more helpfull to tell us the names of the hacker's, it's not helpfull to say "There is a hacker come ingame!"

6)Get TeamSpeak cuz it's important for Fw's!

7)When you are ingame, use always your "S.V.R" tag, or a tag where is your name in !

8)If you cant be online tell us / the leaders! cuz being inactive a long time will result to kick from the clan!

9)Be always online on chat group cuz there we send text /the leaders when its needed members for war's!

10)Always follow your admins/ leaders order's!

By: `'^S.V.R~Leaders!
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